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Has anyone integrated any tools with Moqui for internal collaboration, customer support, etc?
I was primarily thinking about this as a nice feature to have available directly within the application to provide support. But it could be useful for internal collaboration as well. Most companies are using something like Slack and are often used to facilitate manual steps in a business process.
If you have any ideas for tools please respond to this thread. Here is what I have come up with so far:
Jami - peer to peer, no central server required and supports all the expected features of a modern collaboration platform (IM, audo / video calls, group chats, etc), open source - looks like more of a commercial open source model, community edition with limited features. Connects to many other messaging platforms (Facebook messenger, Twitter, Telegram, etc) and has some features tailored to customer service teams.
Pidgen - GPL license, supports many protocols and long list of plugins for just about any tool out there. Chat only, no video, voice, file sharing, etc.

If the goal is simply in app customer support that could limit and simplify the scope.


I would take a serious look at matrix which is a protocol for this problem. It already has an ecosystem around it and can talk to just most common chat clients. It also would be good for internal communication as it’s encrypted and handles privacy well.

Parallel to jami is jitsi which is used by and matrix.

There’s various other help desk and communication tools that I’ve found here.

If I were doing this in realistically / conservatively I would start small before adopting 3rd party dependencies. Use WeCreate’s Message screen, start by connecting it with sms, and then use the platform’s API that you need to connect to (such as slack). Use the same or similar data model for internal communication as in WeCreate.

Hopefully that’s helpful

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This is a good topic for our next community call. I agree on starting small and avoiding any third party dependencies.