Change Cost of Standard Shipping

In our Moqui setup, when you select “Standard Shipping” it is set to $7. We want to run a promotion where customers get free shipping, however, I cannot figure out how to change the cost of our Standard Shipping option.

Where in Moqui can I modify the shipping costs?

There is no single way to calculate shipping costs, or rather how much you’ll charge a customer for shipping. There are options for using the carrier rate looked up via Shippo… but only if you have an auto-packaging service implemented that at least estimates how items on an order will be split into packages, and how big those packages will be. In general this is done with plugin services, and there are some examples of these OOTB but nothing really extensive because shipping charge policies either tend to be fairly simple, or very complex and beyond what could be reasonably anticipated.

If you’re speaking of RidgeCrest, they have a auto packaging service and customer shipping charge calc service. Since I have these around I can also look up this detail: these are in the service/ridgecrest/TaxShippingServices.xml file and are called get#OrderShippingRateLocal and get#AutoPackageInfo. Note that there is also a service there for calculating sales tax in that file (since RidgeCrest did not need an integration with a nationwide or worldwide tax calc service). There is also data in the ‘ridgecrest’ component that configures these services, ie that tells the various Mantle USL tax and shipping services to use them.

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