Best means for detecting and creating missing indexes

I hadn’t realized it, but it seems that once a system has created its tables, while it will add new fields if they are added to a table definition and new foreign keys if the Create FKs is run from Data Snapshots, there doesn’t seem to be similar functionality for indexes.

Perhaps a newer revision (we are back a ways) has that?

Anyway, I suppose there are several questions:
*) Is it unsafe for it to find and build new indexes that are added to the model?
*) Are there reasons indexes and foreign keys aren’t checked/added on moqui startup (or first table reference)?

It appears this does exist in Moqui 3.0; please disregard or remove this thread.

Yes, is on the Entity List screen in the Tools app. One word of warning: creating indexes on large tables can take a LONG time, so sometimes doing directly from a DB admin tool, web or command line, is needed… and best to do when the system is not busy.