Ayman/Netvariant Moqui Workflow Automation


I remember seeing this post a few years back :

I got particularly interested in the Workflow Automation features (note that the UI look and feel enhancements were looking equally impressive).

I went on doing my own integration with a BPMN engine (Flowable) thinking it’d better to have a ‘real’ bpmn engine in the background.
I now realise that seamless integration matters a lot more.

Using my Flowable integration, albeit working, I see that:

  • The same 10% of the bpmn2.0 feature set are used 90% of the time.
  • Sending http requests all over (between Flowable and Moqui Services and back) is not optimal.
  • Having to go elsewhere to edit and redeploy a workflow is really painful.

So my question to Netvariant is … how did the tool progress? Do you have some performance/scalabilty numbers to share?


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moqui-workflow is an excellent component, not sure why it is no longer upgraded. I think this component should merge into moqui as default workflow component.

The biggest problem is the workflow-designer, due to the version of nodejs and the version of the dependency libraries, it’s now hard to pass the compilation.

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