Any experience with Kafka and Moqui

Hi, we are evaluating an integration in an environment that is based on Apache Kafka, so I am wondering if there are any experiences with moqui in such an environment. We would need to define whether to integrate Kafka interactions directly into moqui or eventually use moqui-camel to achieve it.

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I don’t have any expirence with this directly, but Apache Kafka would be very interesting to use for ECAs and Service Job queues. It would require some framework changes, but I’m sure it could be adapted have some data handled by Kafka.

A lot of this depends on the context of what they’re using Kafka for and what you want to do with Moqui with a Kafka integration.

In our case, we would need to have real-time (or as close to real-time as possible) synchronization of events (mainly consumption and replenishment of Assets). My first thought was to use a DataFeed for generating outgoing Kafka events, but outgoing events are the exception, we would be mainly receiving events. And as Kafka has no push service, we would probably require a dedicated thread to perform long pulls.

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