Anonymous usage of screens with transitions

Hi all, I have an issue about getting a screen that is used anonymously (deined with require-authentication=“anonymous-all”).

First issue is that this does not work using vue or qvt rendering, so for now we are sticking to the server-side rendering, either under /apps or directly under webroot.

We have set up some form-single examples, where the transitions for populating dynamic options are working as expected. However, the rest of the form fields (including text lines and submit buttons) are disabled.

Same occurs when attempting to use a link element that points to a transition in the same screen: the link appears as disabled. However, accessing the URL directly or setting the link.@url-type to plain does work and executes the transition correctly.

When accessing the same screen with a logged in user, it behaves the same way while neither the screen nor the transition has an explicit ArtifactAuthz record. We could add an explicit ArtifactAuthz record for every transition we need to be able to call, but as far as I have seen, it is not possible to add ArtifactAuthz records to allow anonymous access.

I sent a pull request attempting to address this issue: 541