Agenda: Jan 21 2022 Community Call

Hello Moqui community. In preparation for our Friday call please see proposed agenda below. Feel free to comment with additional topics.

Technical Documentation

  • Agreed upon priority is improving / speeding developer onboarding
    • We also prioritized this in order to focus on technical audience as first target for increasing adoption.
    • This suggests you have demand for Moqui services or are actively building apps, please come prepared to elaborate on this.
  • Review and contribute to draft list of documentation topics (to be shared during call)
    • What are the areas creating difficulty in training developers
    • How would you prioritize topics to improve developer onboarding
    • What is the best approach, e.g., instructor led training, tutorials, deep learning of full stack
  • Divide content responsibilities - we need to divide and conquer to round out documentation
  • How to manage
    • How is documentation currently managed on
    • Discuss moving to a dedicated component “moqui-docs”

We are using moqui Subscriptions(a SubscriptionProduct combined with a RecurringOrder), with prorated charges from $now to the end of month, and then monthly repeating charges that extend the subscription.

I see definitions on the underlying entities, the underlying data, but not on the higher-level business process. We had to infer what was possible, to know if it was even doable.

And when doing so, found a few easy bugs, that showed it wasn’t even doable(both of those bugs have been fixed(mantle-usl 163+165). Perhaps we could write docs on our particular use of Subscriptions.

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Great input @doogie. Yes documenting the use of subscriptions would be very helpful and of interest to a number off industries and business models that use recurring and consumption based pricing.

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