Add ProductCategoryIdent, ProductStoreDataDocument, and Associated Screens / Services

I’ve created these PRs:

See more about them here:

I’d like some feedback about how to improve them.

The basic synopsis is:

  • mantle.product.category.ProductCategoryIdent is equivalent to mantle.product.ProductOtherIdentification and is used to identify a ProductCategory based on an Enumeration. This is used to add a slug to a ProductCategory for better human understanding of URLs and SEO, but can be used for other ways to identify a ProductCategory (see this for examples).
  • is a join between ProductStore and a DataDocument with based on an Enumeration to specify what kind of join it is. See the PR for a couple different examples of Enumerations.

I forgot to reply here after merging, so a belated reply…

Thank you Michael for the contributions and follow up for a round of improvements. All of the PRs have been merged.

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Sweet! Glad to help.