Accordion layout in QVT


as you may have noticed, the accordion layout is not yet implemented for the Quasar rendering, compare for instance the vapps rendering of DataImport (Webroot - Login) vs the qapps rendering (Webroot - Login).

Is this something relatively easy to add (I am thinking about using the Expansion Item component for this), or is there some major difficulty which would also be the reason this is not yet available?

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I’d say give it a shot. Spend a couple hours and find out. I assume it’s not difficulty, and just not a high priority at the time.

Si, here is an implementation in a merge request: Qvt accordion by jenshp · Pull Request #221 · moqui/moqui-runtime · GitHub

To try it out , you can access screens that use field-groups with accordion (like the DataImport screen) and screens that use container-box (like the EditParty screen).

Maybe it would be OK to remove the m-container-box component in WebrootVue.qvt.js that is no longer used?

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